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Android: Circumvent Internet restrictions with Tor

@MatthewKeysLive: Snowden advocates Internet users download the Tor Browser to keep activity hidden from “corporate spies” like AT&T

This guide will help you work around restricted Internet connection like a school network or Turkish Internet service provider that block Twitter.

Orbot and Orfox

When using the Tor Browser bundle what you get is a modified version of Firefox which bundle the Tor proxy. Firefox then connect through that proxy to the Tor network. On an Android device, the browser and proxy come as two apps.

Orbot is the proxy. It’s packed with features and is quite flexible.

Orfox is the browser. It’s a modified version of Firefox with built in security modules and options you’ll need.

You need to do is install both apps.

Google Play

The simpliest method is to install via Google Play.

Orbot Orfox


If you cannot or do not want to use Google Play there’s hope. F-Droid is an alternative market place for Android free and open source software.


By default, Orbot start on boot. You might want to disable that since Orfox will start Orbot when it need.

To access Orbot config panel open the app and hit the sliders icon on the top right corner.

Adding uBlock Origin to Orfox can help with load times. But it help finger print your browser since it has non standard config. If you care anonymity, don’t install.

Tor is blocked

If for any reason, your connection to the Tor network is blocked, there’s a trick you can try.

Open Orbot and hit the bridges button on the bottom right. Choose an obfuscation method and give the app some time to work. There’s no visual indicator and the logs are a bit hard to read so make sure you wait at least 30 seconds. Open Orfox and check if you’re connected.

If that fail try another obfuscation method. If they all fail choose “get new bridges” as an obfuscation method and follow instructions. Try all the obfuscation methods again.

Accessing Twitter

Visit with Orfox and click the link at the end of the following sentence => “Or, you can go temporarily to this mobile site”.

If you want to use Twitter Android app, you need to set those proxy settings => “Proxy Host”: localhost, “Proxy Port” 8118. You can access the Proxy options from the login or sign up by opening the app menu on the top right corner. If you are logged in you need to open => menu, settings, location and proxy.

It doesn’t work

If you’ve followed the steps and aren’t connecting to Tor let me know. Contact me. I will help you out.