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CgAn Mail is a free anonymous e-mail service to protect your privacy. It allows anyone to send and receive email anonymously via web-mail or with an email client.
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How can I trust you?

You can't. we don't parse your E-mail to provide you with targeted ads, nor do we read E-mail contents. However, it is 100% possible for use to read E-mail, and IMAP/SMTP doesn't provide user-side/client-side encryption, so you're just going to have to take our word for it. Any encryption implementation would still technically allow use to read E-mail, too. This was true for Lavabit as well -- while your E-mail was stored encrypted (only if you were a paid member, which most people forget), E-mail could still technically be intercepted while being received / sent (SMTP), or while being read by your mail client (IMAP).
For privacy, We would recommend encrypting your E-mails using PGP using a mail client add-on like Enigmail. Our Web Mail provides encrypting your E-mails using PGP.
How to use PGP:

E-mail Troubleshooting

I forgot my password?
Remember it! We will not allow reset/hijack of accounts for the privacy and safety of all.
How can I contact you?
See our Contact information.
How do I get support on Mail?
go to CgAn Mail forum.

VPN Troubleshooting

Where can I get files to connect to CgAn VPN?
Go to download openvpn config files and keys needed for your openvpn client. (Find the CgAn Panel link after login, in menu go to VPN link)
How do I install and use vpn?
go to cyberguerrilla.info, VPN on Linux, VPN on Windows, VPN on a Mac
How do I get support on vpn?
go to CgAn VPN forum.

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