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Most VPN providers offer both TCP and UDP connections to their VPN servers.

But which of the two protocols is better for you?
TCP VPN pros: 
	A TCP connection is more reliable: after a TCP packet is sent, an ACK packet is received as a reply to confirm acknowledgment. But it’s not always the case with VPNs
	TCP connections are usually allowed in fire-walled networks  on common ports like 80, 443, while UDP traffic may be blocked, usually in corporate networks.
TCP VPN cons: 
	Sometimes a TCP VPN connection is slower than UDP, so you might want to look for VPN providers offering L2TP or OpenVPN on UDP for faster connections.

UDP VPN pros: 
	Usually faster speeds on UDP VPN connections Vs. TCP VPNs. UDP is ideal for video/audio streaming and P2P traffic
    recommended on OpenVPN connections, especially those running over non-blocked ports such as 53/UDP (DNS)
UDP VPN cons:
	Sometimes it is unreliable, as UDP protocol does not guarantee delivery of packets.

Bottom line:
	If you use your VPN to surf the web, send emails, and want the VPN traffic to be stealthier, then a TCP VPN is right for you. 
	If you need better speed, such as for audio & video streaming (Hulu, Netflix, Pandora etc.), an UDP VPN is what you should use.

	Windows OS issue, if Wlan + LAN both are in use, disable one of them else routing will be a problem with UDP!
	The UDP_AR.conf/ovpn and UDP_AR_TCP.conf/ovpn client file can be used by people in countries/ISPs where they block the default openvpn port 1194 (anti repression)
	it uses the ports 80, 443 there is no guarantee that it works there are more ways (headers) to see that people are connected to a vpn.

	To connect to our IRC you can use local ip (depends on which type of vpn connection is being used, TCP, UDP, UDP_AR)
		TCP conf: /server
		UDP conf: /server
		UDP_AR conf: /server
		UDP_AR_TCP conf: /server

	VPN provide privacy (protects data), TOR provides anonymity (protects user).
	TOR connections to a VPN => OK, VPN connection to TOR => GOTO JAIL!
	We all know Ura l33t h4x0r, but using CgAn VPN services for ur port scans will result in a ban and if we see ur 
	VPN-IP coming back on our IDS for several times it will result in a permanent ban of ur account!
	Because we check every 1st of the month our certificates to see they need to be renewed we need to use port 80, 
	so every 1st the VPN server (UDP_AR_TCP) will be shutdown for a couple minutes (On day 1 every month at 01:15 UTC+2 DST).

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